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By gboladayOctober 16, 2017In Personal Development

Soul Detoxification

For all the types of pain that can lead to suffering there is a solution.

– Sebastian Pole

We all have that part of us. That part we’re not proud of. That part that makes us cringe or cower when we remember them. For some of us, we are ashamed of it, for some of us we secretly relish living it, for some of us it’s both.

I once watched an episode of Rick and Morty, and in this episode they went to an alien spa, one of the services offered was toxicity removal. These guys came out “healthy”, while the toxic part of them were trapped in a toxic wasteland. Oh my god, I so wished it were real, I would give my all to be able to remove the parts of me I consider toxic. The part of me I have to live with that I feel I would be the best version of myself without.

Unfortunately, there is no automatic toxicity removal service anywhere. If you wanna become the healthiest version of yourself, you would have to do it yourself. Sometimes, that’s the hardest part, because of the mountain of unbelief that is present in you. You want it so bad but you also believe so bad that you can’t get it. So it remains a fantasy, an illusive dream that you know if it came through would make your life bliss.

I’m going through one of my lowest points in my life right now. I could really use a soul detoxifier. The good/bad news is, that soul detoxifier only exists in us. We know the toxic parts of us we need to take out. Unfortunately, they have defined us for all or most of our life, so detoxifying could mean becoming a totally different person altogether.

Steps forward:

Look at life as a clean slate. If you couldn’t change the past, but from where you are now you could change the future by doing a few actions and habits, what would you do. Always remember today is the first day of the rest of your life, be brutally honest with yourself about what would mean the most to you if you were to die today. Would going on a date with that hot girl really be better than spending time with your mother? Would that extra cash be worth what you have to do to make it? Would that lie you tell really be the last impression you want people to have of you when the truth is found out?

Think about the fact that you truly have limitless power over your life, decisions and actions, then think about how it could all end soon, and live your life like that everyday. Paying attention and building up only the parts of you that would make you proud on that last day of your life.

Disclaimer: the toxins won’t fall off immediately. but every day and in every way, get stronger, get better and keep detoxifying.

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