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By gboladayOctober 24, 2017In Personal Development

Simulated Memories

You can never have what you’ve never seen.

– A Mentor

In an episode of Rick and Morty, Rick cloned his daughter Beth so she could travel the world and discover herself while the clone filled in and took care of her family and all other responsibilities. He gave the clone all the memories of his real daughter and she was able to function as Beth.

This got me thinking about how much our memories and experiences shape us. I couldn’t help but ask: Am I who I am ‘cos of what I’ve been through and experienced? Would my future self be a result of my past self?

Gosh, it was such a very uncomfortable conclusion, the answer was: Yes. I remembered when I was much younger and my uncle took me to an Estate on the Island in Lagos, it had such beautiful houses and he was installing the Air Conditioning system in some of them. He told me this: Gbolade, I brought you here because I know you can never have what you’ve never seen. This phrase has been with me my whole life. Whether you choose to believe it or not, your present and future self is undeniably linked to your past experiences.

A more troubling question came up in my mind. How do I craft a better life for myself if it never existed in my past and I’ve never experienced it? Immediately I remembered the car I just bought. Its a Toyota Rav4. I remember my obsession a few years ago with Rav4s,  I had pictures of Rav4s on my wall and Rav4 screensaver on my PC. It occurred to me that our memories don’t have to be real for them to direct and shape our life. Please let that sink in, all you need to do is see it, then you can achieve it. You don’t have to go fly in a private jet before the memories can propel you to get one.

This got me excited as I realized that I could simulate memories. I immediately opened my Evernote, opened my 5 year plans and started simulating the “memories” of everything I want to achieve in the next 5 years. Wanna know if it’ll work, holla at me by 2022.

This doesn’t only apply to material possessions, you can apply this to character goals, relationship goals and any other thing you want to. You can craft an entirely new narrative for your life by just simulating the memories you want your future based on. The enemy of this is your present circumstance and reality. Reality clouds your vision sometimes. Reality would always try to “knock” some sense into you, but know this:

You can never have what you’ve never seen.

Either with your real eyes or your mind’s eye. So which do you choose to follow, what you can currently see with your eyes or what you have in your heart that you can see with your mind’s eye? The answer is simple for me.

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