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Our Success Conscience

You must have a level of discontent to feel the urge to want to grow.

– Idowu Koneyikan

We all have a gift. Its kind of like our conscience, but while our conscience helps discern between right and wrong. It helps us discern between success and stagnation.

Recently my girlfriend and I during our devotion discussed a very interesting topic: Discontent. We came to the conclusion that discontent is a God-given gift. It spurs us unto greatness, and also cautions us.

First, lets distinguish between the two kinds of discontent:

  1. Feeling discontent about the current state of a part/all parts of your life because you yearn for more and believe you could be/have more.
  2. Feeling discontent about a part of your life because you were better than your current state in the past.

The first one, which I call Progressive Discontent is an indicator that we are currently either progressing at a rate slower than our true potential or that we’re stagnant in our life situation. The second, however, is an indication of retrogression and failure and should be taken very seriously, this I call Recessive Discontent.

Your see, when you feel discontent because of an erosion in your values, a dwindling in your finances, a decrease in your energy level, work ethic etc. It is an indication that there may be something REALLY WRONG with you that you may be unaware of. Life never really remains stagnant, it’s either moving up or moving down.

I consider Progressive Discontent healthy, it is a challenge to our potential, and the destiny we feel in in our hearts that we’re capable of. That is healthy, we shouldn’t chuck it down as envy and tell ourselves to be “greateful”. It’s good to be grateful, but if you feel a deep sense of discontent, that’s your soul telling you you were meant for way more than what you are right now.

If you feel Recessive Discontent, you need to take a timeout, and examine what habits, actions, and practices have led you to erode in value to yourself. We may never be perfect in every area of our lives, but we sure can improve little by little everyday, and rather have Progressive Discontent.

So guys, what kind of discontent do you feel, is it an indication of a slow rate of progress or an indication of retrogression?

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