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By gboladayApril 11, 2023In Personal Development

Happiness Balance

You must be the best judge of your own happiness.

Jane Austen

This morning I asked myself a question. Am I happy?

Immediately, I answered, YES. I am happy. I recalled all the fun moments I had had over the long Easter break. Spending time with family. Cooking artisanal and gourmet meals with someone special. Playing games etc. It was fun packed, and I was very happy indeed.

Upon further introspection however, I questioned the quality of that happiness. I realize spending time having fun is very good for a well-balanced and fulfilled life but that is just one form of happiness. Another great source of joy and happiness is that which comes from accomplishment.

Anytime I achieve a short or long-term goal, the pride and joy that washes over me is overwhelming.

I started thinking to myself, which happiness is greater. Happiness from pleasure or happiness from achievement. This answer differs from person to person and is greatly tied to individual value systems.

I daresay a well-balanced life should be able to source for joy and happiness from all sources in equal measure. Lean too much to any one of them and the end may be misery. There are still so many sources of happiness, such as spiritual (from spending time with God), social (from spending time with friends and family), altruistic (from helping others) etc.

Personally, happiness from pleasure is very short-lived for me, I end up chasing it endlessly to keep my supply of happiness coming. However, happiness from accomplishment lasts very long, also family and spiritual. They keep a smile on my face longer, improve my self-image, and give me confidence to go into the world and conquer challenges.

Everyone has to choose the proportions they assign to the different sources of happiness. Choose wisely.

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