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Tough Times

We must meet the challenge rather than wish it were not before us.”

—William J. Brennan, Jr.

Shit happens. Those two words are so profound, and true. There are times when things don’t just work. Our plans fail, situations go out of control, we feel trapped and frustrated. These times are tough times, but there’s this old saying that is very popular I’m sure I’ve heard it all my life.

Tough times don’t last but Tough People do.

It’s such a cliche that most people rarely get it’s essence any longer. I was going through a tough time recently and I was getting really frustrated and it occurred to me. Shit happens, it’s currently happening, I can;t change that, but what can I change? And that’s the cue for another hackneyed quote:

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

These two hackneyed quotes kept replaying in my mind, and I decided not to feel like a victim, to take the bull by the horn and come up with creative solutions to my challenges. Up for another hackneyed quote?

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

You see, the funny thing about tough times is most people make it personal. They think it has to mean something, and usually something bad about them or their situation. They usually don’t see it as the vicissitudes of life. They don’t have the emotional fortitude to chuck it up to: Shit happens. A much healthier thought process should be: “it’s life, this is a tough time, but it’s not gonna last forever and I’m only gonna survive it if I’m tougher, besides there’s only gonna be light at the end of the tunnel if I keep moving, if I stay right here and get my mind stuck in the situation, I’m never gonna reach the end of the tunnel and see the light”. Which is how I keep trying to teach myself to react to tough times.

So friends, next time you find yourself stuck in a rut or having a bad day, remember to self-evolve to a tougher version of yourself, think of creative ways to surge ahead, stay tough, stay positive, and you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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