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Death By Half-measures

Go big or go home


The first quarter of the year is completed, and I in my usual fashion was doing a review of the year so far and what I’ve been able to achieve for the first quarter.

In my reflection, I looked at my expansion (read world-domination) plans and wondered whatever happened to them. Then, I started to realize most of them were half-measures that I had never really gone through the thicket of. It seemed like once it got tough, I moved on to the next plan.

This is another recipe for stagnation, that’s why I call it death by half-measures. My business I’ve run for 9 years now is a testament to the light being at the end of the tunnel. Even though I haven’t scratched the surface of my dreams for Mactavis. I look at our numbers sometimes and remember how they used to be a distant dream only a few years ago, and that keeps me going.

I have a new goal for this quarter, re-blazing the tracks abandoned. I have a long list of half-assed achievements to revisit, in my personal, and business life. I plan to immerse myself fully into them in this quarter. There’s no feeling better than knowing that you’ve given your all to a cause, regardless of the outcome, you can sleep well at night knowing you did your absolute best.

To give you a sneak peek behind the curtain. In my personal life I want to; perfect my swimming, currently all I do are breast-strokes, I seem like a good swimmer but mehn, I still have a lot to learn; strict learning regimen, I always have a bunch of books and topics I want to be knowledgeable in e.g. ChatGPT & AI, I’ve let myself slack on that for a while, time to get back on the horse. In my business life, I want to; launch more digital products, the service business is where I find fulfillment, be that as it may, I can easily launch more products with the large team I have now and still offer wonderful service to my clients at the same time, I plan to launch at least one product over the next quarter (out of the dozens I’ve researched).

So, this is a pact to avoid death by half-measures and see every endeavor through to the end.

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