Persistence and doggedness.

I realized something interesting this morning. The winners in life are not really those who are perfect, but those who are consistent in their effort despite failures they encounter.

A boxing match is very similar to this idea. In boxing, you don’t lose just by the number of punches you get hit or the number of times you fall, your own effort is calculated in the final score. If you get hit 100 times but hit back 101 times, you win. If you get knocked out several times but you keep bouncing back and hitting your opponent harder and knock him out, you win. There’s a reason why there’s a time to get back up when you’ve been knocked to the floor, in life, how fast you bounce back from a setback is very crucial to your eventual success.

This morning I was moved to write a list of things I’m grateful for in my life, without thinking hard I wrote 20 things that I have that make a lot of difference in my life. Thinking about it now, those things came after a lot of encounters with failure. I would share a few of them:

*****: I have a brilliant hard worker with a wonderful character

This is a colleague of mine that means a lot to my business, he is very hardworking and I depend on him extensively. I had hired a number of people in the past for his role and the memories of working with them still leave a bad taste in my mouth.

The opportunity to buy my car, a ***** that I dreamt of buying for years

I got a car last year that I had posters of on my wall and screensavers of on my laptop. It is easy to just look at the car and forget all the uncomfortable days of using public transport, which is hell in Lagos.

My current office

I started my business in my bedroom in my parents’ house. After a while, I needed to grow, but the cost of renting and setting up an office was daunting, I eventually got an amazing offer that I couldn’t have even dreamt of. Before this, there were meetings I couldn’t have, uncomfortable and unproductive working conditions etc. but it didn’t last forever.

You see, in life, your failures don’t matter as much as your counter attack.

The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.

Do not let one disaster overthrow you, even if it’s your fault. When you stumble or trip, don’t keep your back against the ground, get up and bounce back harder. Fortune belongs to those who don’t drown in despair, but persevere towards achievement of their goals regardless of how many times they fail.